Loading a Roof Top Box

It is important to load a box correctly because:

1. You will make the most of the space available
2. You will contribute to your own safety and the safety of others

Loading Tips

Load heavy objects as centrally as possible - this distributes the weight of the load evenly on the roof bars.

If straps and ski holders are provided with the box use them to prevent luggage from moving.

Make sure that the load does not obstruct the closing of the lid to prevent the locking system from malfunctioning.

Do not exceed the permissible gross vehicle weight. Keep within the vehicle manufacturers recommendations for maximum roof load.

Use the ski holders as compartment dividers. This prevents objects from moving and is practical, keeping dirty items separate from clean items.

In Winter:

Fasten skis and snowboards to the ski holders with the front ends pointing to the rear of the box.


Although luggage should stay dry within the box it is always sensible to give them additional protection (plastic bags).