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Pendle Tow Bar/Ball Rack

The Pendle Tow Ball Rack is generally designed for swan neck tow bars as the mounting block clamps around the tow ball, though it can also be fitted onto the tow ball of standard 2 bolt flange type tow bars. You cannot tow whilst this bike rack is fitted.

The Pendle Tow Bar Rack is designed for standard 2 bolt flange type tow bars and you can normally tow whilst this rack is fitted to your tow bar. However, we recommend that no more than 2 bikes are placed on the rack when towing and you should always check that your turning circle will not interfere with the bike rack loaded with and without bikes before you set off on your journey.

Both of these racks have arms, which slot into the mounting block, which the bikes are hung over and strapped securely to. These racks are aimed at customers with standard vehicles with tow bars fitted i.e. estates, hatchbacks, saloons. We recommend that if you have a vehicle with a flat back such as people carriers or 4x4s without rear spare wheels you should purchase our Discovery Rack which has arms offset by 6 inches. This ensures that the handle bars and pedals of the first bike clear the back of the vehicle. (please see fitting guide).

The Pendle Tow Bar/Ball Rack is a truly solid, sturdy, top quality rack with ample room for 4 bikes when purchasing the 4 bike capacity rack.

The Pendle Tow Ball Mounting 3 Bike Rack was recently tested by Practical Caravan whose verdict was: "well-engineered and easy to use".

You may need to purchase a lighting unit if the bike rack prevents your number plate and back lights from being seen by other road users.

We recommend that the bikes placed on the rack weigh no more than 13.5 kg each.

Rack Capacity:
3 bikes (Order Code: TBM3/TA3)
4 bikes (Order Code: TBM4/TA4)

Pendle Tow Bar/Ball Rack

Well-engineered and easy to use.

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