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Pendle Discovery Rack

The Discovery Rack is specifically for vehicles with tow bars fitted and has 6 inch offset arms. The offset arms have been designed to ensure that the bike rack can fit vehicles which have spare wheels attached to the rear. The Discovery Rack does not however fit every 4x4 with a spare wheel. For those vehicles with wider spare wheels, the Landrover Rack with 10 inch offset arms may be required. Please refer to our fitting guide to find out which rack you will need.

We also advise that the Discovery Rack is purchased for vehicles with flat backs such as people carriers, motor homes, 4x4s without spare wheels etc. This is to ensure that the pedals and the handlebars of the first bike on the rack have sufficient clearance from the back of such vehicles.

You can tow at the same time as transporting your bikes with a Discovery Rack if you have a standard 2 bolt flange type tow bar and have purchased the type approval version of the rack. You will not be able to tow if you have purchased the ball mounting Discovery Rack. However, we recommend that no more than 2 bicycles should be loaded whilst towing as more may interfere with your turning circle. We also recommend that before setting off on a journey you should check that the rack does not interfere with the turning circle with and without the bikes loaded.

You may need to purchase a lighting unit if the bike rack prevents your number plate and back lights from being seen by other road users.

We recommend that the bikes placed on the rack weigh no more than 13.5 kg each.

Order Code: TAD/TBMD
Rack Capacity: 4 bikes

Pendle Discovery Rack

Specifically for vehicles with tow bars fitted.

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