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Pendle Strap On Tyre Rack

The Pendle Strap On Tyre Rack is a great rack for people with spare wheels on the backs of their vehicles and who do not have a tow bar fitted. The rack simply straps over the spare wheel and is very quick and easy to fit. It is extremely versatile and will fit most 4x4s with spare wheels. The Strap On Tyre Rack can be dismantled as quickly and easily as it can be fitted and has recently received a 4 star rating in Practical Caravan magazine's recent tests - "The Pendle Strap On Tyre Rack is great value for money. Simple, foldable, lightweight and quickly fitted......well finished with good padding for bike"

You may need to purchase a lighting unit if the bike rack prevents your number plate and back lights from being seen by other road users.

We recommend that the bikes placed on the rack weigh no more than 13.5 kg each.

Please note that the spare wheel cover should be removed in order to ensure that the Strap On Tyre Rack fits correctly and safely. You will not be able to replace the spare wheel cover whilst this rack is fitted.

Order Code: SOTR
Rack Capacity: 2 bikes

Pendle Strap On Tyre Rack

A great rack for people with spare wheels but no towbar.

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