Which Roof Top Box?

Q. How big should the box be?

Which Box?

How much do you need to carry? Don't choose a box that may be too small. Go for a slightly larger box than you think you need - you will always manage to fill it!

If you're carrying skis, fishing tackle, windsurf boards (anything long) you will need a ski box. If your planning to use a box to transport luggage, golf bags or rucksacks you'll be fine with a luggage box - obvious really!

Q. Do I need to spend a lot for a good quality box?

No. If you are not going to be using it regularly a simple box like one from the Contour380 or Contour470 ranges will serve your needs perfectly.

If you are going to be using it on a regular basis you try a box from the X1, Atlantis or Spirit ranges for a better investment.


You will also need a set of roof bars to fasten the box to the car.

Special attention should be paid to their quality as they take all the strain of the load.